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Let's time travel for a second: it's 2013, and you might be in college or maybe even wrapping up high school (if you were any younger please don't tell me, I already feel like a dinosaur at 25).

A lot went down that year. Beyoncé was at the Super Bowl, you were Harlem shaking, and Katy Perry collab'd with Juicy J to make sure all the proms and homecoming dances across America had another banger to dance to. And that banger was Dark Horse

The song experienced tremendous success, and in early 2014, took the No. 1 spot on Hot 100. There was a slight problem, though. Christian rapper Flame and his team heard the song and felt like it was awfully familiar... and by awfully, I mean basically copied from his song Joyful Noise with the tempo adjusted

A lawsuit was filed and the case lasted almost 5 years before a decision was made yesterday in favor of Flame

The compensation for Flame and his team is TBD. But with the tremendous notoriety that Dark Horse garnered... it's safe to say it'll be significant.