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If I look back on my daily to-do list since March, “singing” hasn’t been one single task at all. In fact, I actually looked back on my digital task list for the past few months and if I had to describe the overall theme I’d say it’s more or less just “get through this.”

You might be feeling the same way, lately, and I wouldn’t blame you. Mark nailed it last week with his blog post talking about all the uncertainty in the world right now… so what’s there to be singing about?

For God’s Word is something to sing about! He is true to his promises, his word can be trusted, and everything he does is reliable and right. Psalm 33:4

Oh yeah, that.

It’s always so easy for me to view myself as a cool, calm, collected person while everything in my own bubble is going ok. But I think for the most part, 2020 has done a fantastic job to “pop” all of our bubbles at once. Everyone has been vulnerable in one way or another. Everyone has had to sit and ask themselves “well, what happens next?”

For me, I’ve been trying to answer that question with some of the promises God has made for us: 

He's here with us. 

He will be a source of rest.

He has no plans to harm us.

He gives strength to the weary. 

That’s a pretty darn good list of promises, right? There’s a few months left of this crazy, crazy year ahead of us. And no matter what comes our way, God will hold true to His word, and He will make all things work for Good. To me, that’s worth singing about. 

Now adding “sing really loudly, and badly” to my to-do list today.