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Micah's House, NWA

Locations: 1110 W Elm St, Rogers, AR 72756
Phone: 479-282-0928

Mission: To provide progressively independent living, mentoring, and resource support for young men ages 18 to 25 who have aged out of foster care/group homes and/or who have been orphaned by essential support systems. Micah's House will serve as a gateway for at-risk young men to enter their communities as thriving and engaged adults.

About: Many people are unaware of the number of young men and women living under private or public programs who are reaching adulthood without the necessary resources and skills needed for basic living. On the outside you may never know that there are issues, but many of them are homeless and you may find them sleeping in their car, on a friendÂ’'s couch, or possibly under a bridge. Without adequate resources, drug use, higher crime rates, thoughts of suicide, and emotional trauma can result. It has become evident that, for young men in particular, there are not adequate resources for those who find themselves in this situation.

Micah's House will provide mentoring in a structured home environment for young men ages 18-25 who have aged out of foster care and/or group homes. We are committed to supporting our program participants as they develop the life skills necessary to navigate a crazy, busy world. We commit to serving our "Micahs" by giving them a safe home, skills to be a productive member of society, opportunities to achieve higher education, and training in basic life skills.

Services Provided:

Micah's House will be a safe place providing:
*A safe home
*Consistent support and mentoring
*Healthy living choices

*Healthy relationships
*Societal Engagement

*Higher education
*Training programs
*Life skills training

Volunteer opportunities: Micah's House will be reliant on the work of volunteers. There are opportunities to be a mentor and serve as a father figure, brother, or friend to our young men. You can also volunteer your time as needs arise, make a donation, provide items on our needs list, tell others about us, and we can always use prayer. For more information please visit our website.