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House of Hope Rescue Mission

Locations: 505 E. Emma Ave. Springdale
Phone: 479-756-7333

Mission:  To provide for the spiritual and physical needs of mankind, with a servant’s heart and helping hands.  Providing hope, dignity, and encouragement to those who cross our threshold.

About:  The House of Hope Rescue Mission is a ministry of New Hope Fellowship Church. It was started to meet the needs of the hungry, needy, and homeless in NWA. We provide showers, laundry facilities, food pantry, clothing room, help with jobs and counseling, Bible study, and hot meals with no charge to clients. We are a largely volunteer run organization.

Services:  Some of the services the House of Hope Rescue Mission offers are -

Day Center: where people can come to stay warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.
Hot meals: will be served at lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays (brought in by the wonderful ladies of New Hope)
Snacks: Coffee, water, and snacks will be available throughout the day
Volunteers: can assist clients with job applications, interview process, and clothing for the interview
Showers: will be available for clients to use.
Washers and dryers: available where clients can have their laundry done once a week
Food pantry: available where clients may receive food assistance once a month
Clothing room: available where clients may receive clothing, also monthly or as needed.
Computers: available for clients to use, with assistance, for job hunting
Televisions: On with the latest in Christian programming, and the latest news
Room: for children and their parents available for reading and playing
Chapel: for worship and meditation
Regular Bible: teaching, worship, and reading of the Scriptures
Private: one on one counseling and life coaching will be available
Referrals: when needed, to other helping hands agencies in the community
Clients: Able to send and receive mail from the center

Volunteer Opportunities:  House of Hope is in need of more volunteers. We have had some volunteers move away, some have had to step down for other reasons. We need counselors, translators and food workers. See our “Volunteer” page on our website for other ways you can help and other volunteer opportunities. You can make a financial donation by under that page on their website as well. Keeping the food pantry stocked is one of the biggest needs we have. We are willing to partner with other churches and businesses in our area to help meet the needs in NWA. If you have an idea, contact the director through the website.