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The Potentialist Podcast


The Potentialist Podcast shares the stories of creative leaders who have overcome challenges and turned their God-sized dreams into reality. Jason Rovenstine and Holley Gerth, who have created bestselling books and built multimillion-dollar brands, interview fellow Potentialists. You’ll be inspired by their unique approach to making a positive impact on the world one word, idea, and relationship at a time.


Feel Unqualified? Go For It (Ep 5)

Have you ever felt like God was asking you to do something too big, hard, or that you weren’t ready for yet? Our guest Debbie Ricker knows how that feels.


Enneagram Hacks (Ep 4)

What’s most likely to trip you up on the way to your God sized dream? And what’s an unexpected advantage you might have? Guest Keanu Trujillo, CEO of True Strategy, will tell you as he walks you through the 9...


What Is a Potentialist? (Ep 3)

A question we keep getting asked is, “What is a potentialist?” We talk through what it really means to be one, what holds us back, and how we can help others in our lives be potentialists too.


Dream It, Do It (Ep 2)

Creator of Katygirl Designs, Katy Fults, joins us for a conversation about how to go from dreaming to doing, fill back up when you’re depleted, and why you don’t have to be like anyone else.


Be Outrageously Curious (Ep 1)

How to start (and succeed) at the worst possible time, the ways curiosity can keep us from quitting, and why it’s a good thing to never arrive.