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The Really Real Podcast


The Really Real Podcast is the flagship podcast from Real FM. Join Ansen, Kara, and Isaac as they sit down for a drink and some refreshingly honest conversation about real life. Topics covered include daily living, pop-culture, current events, and faith... with plenty of silliness included. New episodes bi-weekly.


An Update

Hi friends! It's been a while since you've heard from us, so we want to update you on all the goings-on with the Real FM Podcast Network.


Finding Contentment (Episode 88)

On this spring's final episode of The Really Real Podcast, Kara details her fancy new patio swing (11:32), Isaac trains Real FM Bot on how to buy a car (17:06), Ansen gives a shout-out to a passenger that successfully landed...


Be Patient or Pushed? (Episode 87)

In this episode of the Really Real Podcast, Isaac gives a shout out to non-severe thunderstorms (13:27), Ansen coaxes Real FM Bot into helping Kara navigate conflict (17:11), and Kara fangirls (just a little) over Benedict Cumberbatch (25:07).


In this episode, Ansen pushes through his idiosyncrasy and embraces spring weather (13:50), Kara teaches Real FM Bot to take over Isaac's podcast (18:28), Isaac celebrates some friends' parenting efforts (25:47), and the group peels back the layers on a...


Play to Your Strengths (Episode 85)

Kara shares why she enjoys consuming books and podcasts about personal development (11:03), Isaac repurposes Real FM bot to inspire Ansen during his workouts (18:03), Ansen gives a shout out to a church friend (22:17), and the group debates the...


Living a Happy Life (Episode 84)

In this episode, Isaac enlists his teenage sister as a movie critic (14:33), Ansen replaces Kara on the radio with a robot (19:55), Kara introduces us to a community college advisor named Mr. Fritz (28:48), and we discuss where we...


The Solution (Episode 83)

On this week's episode, Ansen discusses the importance of "just-for-fun" creative hobbies (13:32), Kara programs Real FM bot to help Isaac with taxes and small-talk (23:07), Isaac gives a shout-out to Polish moms, and the group discusses a quote from...


People Pleasing (Episode 82)

In this episode, Kara goes old-school and rents some movies (11:42), Isaac helps Real FM Bot learn how to help Ansen go to the doctor and go shopping (15:30), Ansen reflects on what Mikaela Shiffrin's Olympic experience can teach us...


Positive Thinking (Episode 81)

Ansen, Kara, and Isaac are back for 2022! In this episode, Isaac shares how he's ready for warmer weather (11:22), Ansen unleashes Real FM's very own proprietary AI to help with Kara's errands (14:04), and Kara celebrates an inspiring young...


In the final Really Real Podcast episode of 2021, Kara describes the magical properties of Zumba (15:55), Isaac declares each co-host of the show to be an Olympic athlete (20:54), Ansen reviews unique pizza topping combos (29:43), and special guest...