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The Really Real Podcast

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The Really Real Podcast is the flagship podcast from Real FM. Join Ansen, Kara, and Isaac as they sit down for a drink and some refreshingly honest conversation about real life. Topics covered include daily living, pop-culture, current events, and faith... with plenty of silliness included. New episodes bi-weekly.


Adoption with Mark Hansen (Episode 76)

In this episode, Isaac shares the joy of making mixtapes, er, playlists, for others (13:18), the NWA Avengers assemble (18:50), Kara relives a harrowing experience with her cat (29:11), and special guest Mark Hansen joins us for a conversation on...


In this episode, Ansen shares about learning to recognize the value in things that don't fit our taste (10:26), Kara asks some "what if" questions (16:00), Isaac reviews giving his dog a bath (26:00), and special guest Tracy Balzer joins...


In this episode of The Really Real Podcast, Kara talks trying new recipes (12:58), Isaac asks what the world would be like if the the Real FM team took over the country (18:07), Ansen reviews his wireless earbuds (25:25), and...


Ansen, Kara, and Isaac are back with new episodes of the Really Real Podcast! Isaac shares the joys of being a beginner in a new hobby (12:17), Ansen leads the gang on a trip through the Multiverse (16:42), Kara reviews...


In the final Spring 2021 episode of the Really Real Podcast, Isaac admits he'd prefer just staying mentally checked out on current events right now (13:22) Kara shares an idea from Jon Acuff about changing the soundtracks playing in our...


In Episode 71 of The Really Real Podcast, Isaac proposes the idea of focusing on marginal gains (8:28), Ansen boasts about his Google searching proficiency (13:40), Kara takes us into the world of competitive towel folding (19:33), and the group...


In Episode 70 of the Really Real Podcast, Ansen shares a quote about God's design for men and women to be co-laborers in the Kingdom (13:50), Kara admits that she likes hanging out underneath her desk (20:34), Isaac introduces us...


In Episode 69 of the Really Real Podcast, Kara recommends that everyone comes up with a post-pandemic recovery plan (12:35)), Isaac asks if he's alone in feeling like extreme wealth is unattractive (17:48), Ansen tries to get Isaac and Kara...


In this episode, Isaac is reminded of the importance of authentic connection (07:23), Ansen notes that he sometimes feels like he's addicted to new insights (10:51), Kara reveals the discovery of a new but frighteningly adorable creature in the animal...


In Episode 67, Ansen shares a quote that helps define what appropriate civic engagement looks like for Christians (11:07), Kara confesses that it's hard to be happy for other people's success (16:39), Isaac moderates a debate on recent (fake) news...