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The Really Real Podcast

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The Really Real Podcast is the flagship podcast from Real FM. Join Ansen, Kara, and Isaac as they sit down for a drink and some refreshingly honest conversation about real life. Topics covered include daily living, pop-culture, current events, and faith... with plenty of silliness included. New episodes bi-weekly.


What Do You People Want? (Episode 24)

Ansen, Kara, and Isaac are joined by Dri and Bri (not confusing at all!) to answer an interesting question: What's the one thing you wish the opposite gender knew about your gender? Plus...


Goin’ To Church (Episode 23)

Questions answered on this episode: Is church attendance mandatory for Christians? How do you know which church is right for you? What if you've been hurt in church? And perhaps most importantly, how in the world would you take care...


Life Savers (Episode 22)

When you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, what are some small activities or ideas that you turn to that help "save your life"? Ansen, Kara, and Isaac discuss that, as well as the three types of people you meet on a...


What The Podcast?! (Episode 21)

Ansen, Kara, and Isaac take on the issue of obscene language and how to evaluate whether our words are building others up. Also, Isaac tries to apply these lessons while doing battle with a bird on his front porch.


Leveling Up (Episode 20)

Ansen, Kara, and Isaac discuss the pros and cons of a polarizing form of media – video games. The gang also makes some admissions concerning their discomfort with public bathrooms.


Our Musical Lives (Episode 19)

Kara proposes and experiment – make a list of the Top 10 most influential songs of your life. Ansen, Kara, and Isaac each give it a try, with some interesting results. Find the playlists here:


Agree to Disagree (Episode 18)

Is it possible to "agree to disagree?" Ansen, Kara, and Isaac discuss balancing the importance of truth with the reality of varying perspectives.


Self-Care (Episode 17)

What is self-care? Is it selfish or selfless? Is there a difference between true self-care and escapism? And perhaps most importantly... are jelly beans the best Easter candy?


The Potter Pod (Episode 16)

Isaac has finally finished Harry Potter... so of course we have to talk about it. Also, we address the never-ending debate between books versus movies.


Fears & Phobias (Episode 15)

We all deal with fear, so what do we do with the Biblical command to not fear? And is there really a scenario where Ansen and Isaac would voluntarily choose to hug a porcupine?