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Weekend Ketchup


“Weekend Ketchup” from Real FM is the best way to catch up on everything that’s happened in pop-culture during the past week! Isaac and Bri will keep you in the know, and have a lot of fun doing it. Now the next time you’re asked, “Hey, did you hear about what happened?” you’ll already be one step ahead!


Weekend Ketchup Episode 87

Seeds from China! A baseball team out sick! Taylor Swifts New album! Isaac and Bri are here with a longer episode before they head out for vacation for a week.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 86

Happy Friday! Isaac and Bri are talking about the new marriage in the royal family, the passing of a civil rights legend, and... a tragic story involving a meatball, and an online test.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 85

Isaac and Bri are straight up in an entanglement over the Twitter hack, Bridger and Captain America, and more. They'll fill you in on everything you missed this week.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 84

Isaac and Bri are back! Looking at the potential ban of TikTok in the U.S., the crazy drama between a country band and a blues singer, and what in the world is going on with Kanye this week.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 83

Isaac and Bri are back to discuss the new CGI (or animated!) Frosty the Snowman movie with an... odd choice to play Frosty. Also, we're looking at the new mysterious show from Bob's Burgers creator, and the new "stair challenge" that...


Weekend Ketchup Episode 82

New Animal Crossing content to keep us from staring into the void, Apple's got "new" features with iOS 14, and protests are... actually working? Get caught up on what you missed lately on episode 82 of Weekend Ketchup!


Weekend Ketchup Episode 80

Free dress debacle! "Don't hit people" now added to a department's code of conduct! Also, Bri has stitches on her toe! This week has been a doozy.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 80

Isaac and Bri are stepping back this week to revisit an episode of The Real Talk Podcast. On Season 5, Episode 8, Dr. James Hawkins was kind enough to share his experiences and his heart on racism in America, and...


Weekend Ketchup Episode 79

The weekend is here! Be watching out for: a historic rocket launch, a new Star Wars gameshow, and Trump's executive order on social media.


Weekend Ketchup Episode 78

Avatar is back on Netflix! There's an "upcoming" buddy-comedy with... vampires and... GOT actors? Also, John Krasinski's "Some Good News" has some bad news for all of us. It's episode 78 of Weekend Ketchup!