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Isaac Weaver

Isaac Weaver was affectionately known as simply, "The Intern" before being hired full time. Listen to Isaac each weekday on Real FM between 10am-3pm! When Isaac isn't on the air, he serves as Real FM's social media director, coming up with fun and relatable content to share with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

6 Questions with Isaac

Tell us about your family!
I've got an awesome wife and two awesome cats (sadly only my wife likes me)!

What are your favorite hobbies or interests?
I love movies (sci-fi/thrillers) and music (literally any kind). Chances are when I'm not at work I'm either going to a movie, or poking around the internet trying to find live music.

Favorite soda?
Does coffee count? Coffee. Specifically the nitro coldbrew from Onyx!

What is your favorite movie?
Iron Giant. For sure. That line about "you are who you choose to be" crushes me every time.

Do you have any quirky habits?
I'm a frequent fidgeter. I bounce my knees all the time.

What's your favorite part of working at Real FM?
The staff here are all incredible. It feels like a big family.