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Weekend Ketchup Episode 167

A more serious episode than normal, intern (and film/TV buff) Zoe, updates Isaac on the Ezra Miller situation, and the efforts to find them.


Season 1 Recap

As we wrap up season 1, we're taking a look back at some of our favorite moments!


Finding Contentment (Episode 88)

On this spring's final episode of The Really Real Podcast, Kara details her fancy new patio swing (11:32), Isaac trains Real FM Bot on how to buy a car (17:06), Ansen gives a shout-out to...

Tooth Extraction

I know that this is minor, but I am gonna have a tooth extraction on Feb 7th.

Boss & Family

Please pray for my boss. He went into the hospital a week ago with respiratory problems and his condition is worsening as I type this. His niece and my manager is asking for prayers to be sent out because it isn't looking good.

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In light of Holy Week, we were reminded of just how much good news there is in the gospel. There is so much for each of us and all of us to appreciate and apply. In fact, each section of that blog article might be worth another look for each of us in some way.


As a first time expecting mom, I am very aware that babies require a lot of diapers. We've already started buying them before our boys even arrive! I did some research and found that 1 in 3 families in the US have a diaper need.


The two pillars of the church calendar have got to be Christmas and Easter. Christ’s coming and rising are immeasurably significant events historically and spiritually that we celebrate each year. But do we give Christmas and Easter the same emphasis culturally? I think it’s pretty clear that our appreciation is lopsided.

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