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Adoption with Mark Hansen (Episode 76)

In this episode, Isaac shares the joy of making mixtapes, er, playlists, for others (13:18), the NWA Avengers assemble (18:50), Kara relives a harrowing experience with her cat (29:11), and special guest Mark Hansen joins...


Weekend Ketchup Episode 139

Somebody almost took away all the candy corn... depending on how you feel about it, that could be good or bad.


I need money for rent but I’ve been a fool to not trust in God and manage my finances. Pray that I sleep well tonight and God will provide a way.

Home for my Family

I need to find a home that is affordable me and my family. I have very limited income for me and my Grandson. I have struggled since my husband passed away in Nov 2018. I know God has a plan for us but I wish he would sure find favor on me for awhile.

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Hey there, it's Isaac from Middays.  I've got some free concert tickets to give away! Needtobreathe and Switchfoot are coming to the AMP on October 19th.  I KNOW. I want you to be there. So quick, before they shut me down, here's how you get entered to win.  .


Justin, Staff Chaplain at Real FM, offers some insight on the powerful but simple act of hospitality, and Jesus' invitation to all of us to better love our neighbors.


Last week, Hurricane Ida made landfall on the Louisiana coast as a massive Category 4 storm and caused immense destruction as it came ashore. Thousands of people along the Gulf Coast have had their lives turned upside down because of the storm.

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