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In Episode 71 of The Really Real Podcast, Isaac proposes the idea of focusing on marginal gains (8:28), Ansen boasts about his Google searching proficiency (13:40), Kara takes us into the world of competitive towel...


Weekend Ketchup Episode 120

We're BACK with another episode. Catching you up on why Pokemon fans are breaking into cereal, why there might be another Switch shortage, and why park rangers are shooting wolves... with paintballs.

Prayer for Peace

Right now it feels like friendships on social media are broken. Husbands and wives are arguing, children are rebellious. The spirit of anger and confusion is attacking our faith.

The Lost

Please pray for all my lost family members, especially my sister Robin.

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We've got some fire beats in our Fresh Finds playlist this week, including some refreshing and positive new sounds from Twenty One Pilots and Justin Bieber, and an introduction to a new artist to Real FM, Asher Postman. So without further ado, let's dive in!.


January is a significant month. It marks the beginning of a new calendar year and brings with it opportunities for reflection and goal-setting. In all of this reflection, there is a heartbeat below the surface: God, what are You up to? Let's examine the transition from the challenges of 2020 to the new horizons of 2021.


I feel the familiar pit of anxiety in my stomach, and I sigh. I think about how I haven’t spent enough time reading my Bible or praying lately, and I feel the guilt. The guilt that pushes me in the opposite direction of the thing I need most.

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