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ON THE AIR Overnights with Student DJ’s

Justin Rusinowski

Justin Rusinowski is the Real FM Chaplain. He spiritually supports, encourages, and equips the Real FM staff, helps manage Real FM's Prayer Ministry, and occasionally helps with station content!

7 Questions with Justin

What three words would your loved ones use to describe you?
Caring, Wise, Funny

Finish this sentence: "When I was five, I was pretty sure I'd be __________ when I grew up."
Secret Agent. I remember being drawn to the combination of brains and brawn it seemed to take. I also liked the idea of good overcoming evil and completing a mission that makes a big difference without anyone taking notice—just sneaking around doing good.

What could we probably find you doing when you're not at the station?
Reading, writing, walking on a trail, and/or disc golfing.

What is your most used emoji?
Eye rolls at a sassy comment my wife makes, a story about our boys' antics, or about my own shenanigans.

If you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
Failing Forward or Through & Through. Either title would probably be about growing through the good, bad, and ugly of life by the steadfast love of God.

What is your favorite quote?
"God has never met anyone except where they actually are." —Dallas Willard

How would you describe your job to an alien who had no idea what you were talking about? 
There is a small group of humans that let me work with them, even though I have no technical expertise in what they do and how it all works. Somehow, when I walk around and listen, respond, crack jokes, and have 1 good idea out of 100, they seems to like it and find it somewhat helpful. I know, I know. I don't really get it either.