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Kara Culver

Kara Culver grew up in Nebraska playing with her Fisher Price microphone, but never dreamed she'd work in radio. When she went to college, she took a radio class at the urging of an adviser, and watched God set things in motion. She transferred to JBU and completed her degree in '09. She was thrilled to return to NWA in 2012. Kara loves photography, baking, and long conversations with good friends (especially if there's coffee involved.)

6 Questions with Kara

Tell us about your family!
My family lives in Nebraska, including my amazing parents, two hilarious big brothers, two fabulous sister-in-laws, three wonderful nephews, and a sweet niece/princess. 

What are your favorite hobbies or interests?
I spend a lot of time processing life through reading and writing, and listening to great music. I love capturing the beautiful moments of people's lives with my camera, whether it's a special event or just an ordinary day. I also believe cookies can cure (almost) anything, and I love testing that theory on friends, family and co-workers as often as I can. :)

Favorite soda?
Not a huge soda fan, but give me a tall glass of sweet tea any day and I'll be happy!

What is your favorite movie?
Too many to choose! Fantastic Beasts! Star Trek and Star Wars! Dr. Strange! Occasionally a good drama like Saving Mr. Banks. A good animated movie can almost make my day (Finding Dory, Tangled, Despicable Me.) I know, right? So mature.

Do you have any quirky habits?
When I get really tired, I start speaking in various foreign accents. Just ask Keri. ;) 

What's your favorite part of working at Real FM?
That I get to spend my days working alongside a team of amazing people whose passion is to share hope in Christ with as many people as possible, and who live and breathe the reality of that hope every day.