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ON THE AIR Mornings with Brant & Sherri

Kelly Keys

If you call Real FM, Kelly might be one of the friendly voices you'll hear on the other end of the line! Kelly processes gifts, answers and addresses donor questions and concerns, and helps ensure that anyone who makes a donation to Real FM has a smooth experience!

7 Questions with Kelly

What three words would your loved ones use to describe you?
Planner, Organizer, Adventure-not to be confused with adventurous!  I just like to plan adventures.

Finish this sentence: "When I was five, I was pretty sure I'd be __________ when I grew up."

What could we probably find you doing when you're not at the station?
Hanging out at the river or lake.

What is your most used emoji?
Thumbs up.

If you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
Work in Progress

What is your favorite quote?
"Thanks for the ride, lady" from the movie Creepshow.

How would you describe your job to an alien who had no idea what you were talking about? 
 I take calls from people and share great stories.