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ON THE AIR Mornings with Brant & Sherri

Robert Forbes

Robert directs Real FM promotions and facilitates strong relationships with Real FM's underwriting and business partners.

7 Questions with Robert

What three words would your loved ones use to describe you?
Well here's how I HOPE my loved ones would describe me: Hardworking, devoted, generous.

Finish this sentence: “When I was five, I was pretty sure I’d be _______ when I grew up.”
A doctor! As a kid, the thought of being able to help people by healing them was always on my mind. I grew up deeply respecting Ben Carson, as he was a man that my parents admired. However, when I reached the college level and learned how much science was required to be a doctor, I realized God hadn't quite gifted me with those abilities.

What could we probably find you doing when you’re not at the station?
The majority of my time outside of the station is spent with my family. We've got a small plot of land to care for that includes a horse, two dogs, and three cats. There's always something to do, clean, or repair.

What is your most used emoji?
Probably the crying laughing one.

If you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
That's a tough question because every season of life could be it's own book title. However, if I thought of my seasons as chapter titles instead, then I suppose the title of my entire story could be.... Nothing Is Wasted: A Story of Unexpected Experiences

What is your favorite quote?
I know my answer is also a Bible verse (Psalm 19:14), but growing up, it was my family's prayer. We would say nightly prayers together, and then all say these words collectively out loud to end the prayer time: "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer."

How would you describe your job to an alien who had no idea what you were talking about?
I have the privilege to speak to the entire world, should they choose to listen. And I get to be a part of the local community, helping to support good causes, great people, and wonderful organizations.