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Restoration Village

Locations: 2215 Little Flock Drive, Little Flock, 72756
Phone: 479-631-7345

Mission: Rebuild broken lives. Renew minds. Repair. Restoration of the soul.

About: Restoration Village opened in June 1989. We have been providing long-term housing to women and children in a safe and stable environment for over 25 years. Hundreds have been given refuge, support and hope here. We work with residents to connect to the community with services to meet their educational and medical needs. They are taught life skills and educated on achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While at the Village, women find employment sufficient to meet their family's needs. We appreciate that while we can provide the necessities to meet their immediate needs, a long-term approach is necessary to accomplish lasting change and restoration. By providing counseling, programs to further education and job training, our residents are given a lasting solution and strategy to assure their success. Residents meet with their advocates weekly to work on their goals which are determined through these weekly sessions. They are permitted to remain at the Village until they are emotionally, financially and physically able to provide a safe and stable environment for themselves and their children. Our initial services are provided at no cost to our residents. At the time it has been determined that they have achieved a level of stability, they are eligible to move out of the main house and into our transitional living program. At that time a rent scale is determined according to their financial circumstances. Our Mission is to rebuild broken lives, renew minds, repair, and restore the soul. We accomplish this by providing a safe home and support to women and children in crises who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused.

Services: The first priority of the Village is to provide women and their children with a safe abuse-free environment while meeting their basic needs for food, shelter and clothing. Transportation assistance is provided to aid access to community resources to meet their educational and medical needs, driver's testing, school/GED training and job searching. They are taught life skills and educated on achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A therapist is on staff to provide counseling. Our residents attend weekly counseling sessions to help them overcome the effects of abuse. Many residents have difficulty finding employment due to felonies, pregnancy or child care issues. Through our board approved "Resident Work Program," residents are hired to work for Restoration Ministries Inc. Jobs include cooking the evening meal, household cleaning, and maintenance work (yard work, painting). The work completed through the "Resident Work Program" can also be counted for court required community service hours. 

Volunteer Opportunities: Individuals can be a part of our fundraising events committee, plan a 3rd party fund raiser, or volunteer sweat equity hours to help a resident get into their new home.