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My Friend's Closet

Locations: 2668 Citizens Dr. Suite 5, Fayetteville
Phone: 479-466-8357

Mission:  The staff and board are all volunteers and want to see people receive the help they need and God’s Kingdom expand.

About:  We, the 7, meet each year for a “girls weekend” at a lake house on the Lake of the Ozarks. We play hard on the lake all weekend and the ride home is our time to talk about what’s next and when we will get back together.  So on the way home, we talk about what really matters.  What’s on everyone’s mind.  We are always in our thankful mode for friendship and all that we’ve done throughout the year.

As we continued the drive home this year, we decided that since we have all been so blessed, we should bless someone else.  We thought of a friend who is adopting Rhonda, an African girl.  Maybe we could pull off a yard sale with the proceeds going toward the adoption costs.  We were too busy the rest of the summer to pull that off, so we came up with something else.

My Friend’s Closet was born.  A non-profit resale store with the proceeds going out into the community, and even globally.  We wanted to help the poor, homeless, widowed and suffering.  We all felt God wanting us to seriously think about this idea.

I don’t know about you, but I have designer taste with a discounted budget.  We began to ask our friends to clean out their closets and let us have their unused nice clothing, shoes, purses and accessories to resell for charity.  As we reflect on the goodness of our friendship and all the things we experienced over the year, we are in such a grateful atmosphere.  That’s where ideas and visions are planted.

 Services:  All the proceeds of My Friend’s Closet go back into the community or out into the world for God’s Kingdom enterprises.  And, when we say Kingdom enterprises we mean where God is at work around the world.  Giving back to God for all He has given us.  Here are some of the organizations we have given to:

-Battered Women Shelter: Peace at Home Family Shelter has seen a dramatic increase in clients who wish to create better lives for themselves and their children and our shelter is full or near capacity most nights.
-Seven Hills: Working together on our local problem of homelessness can help to address a larger world problem.  Good Samaritans create richer, happier communities.  We must partner with others to achieve our mission.
-Uganda Missions: Medical missions trips that take much needed medicine and skilled people to bring healing with the Love of Christ.

To the community and the world.  There is no small effort required to make a local and global impact on the lives of people.  People who need healing, mercy, and love.  All the proceeds of My Friend’s Closet go back into the community or out into the world for God’s Kingdom enterprises.

Get Involved:  We need your donations of new and gently used items of clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, jewelry, and furniture.  The proceeds will go to local and global efforts to help those in need.  What do you have that you’re not using?  Please bring your unneeded items to My Friend’s Closet.  We’ll put them to good use to share the Gospel with those who need to hear. We gladly accept cash donations as well.