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Prayer Center


Budget Cut

I lost my job last week as part of a budget cut due to the pandemic. Please pray that God would open the door that we need and to reveal it clearly. Thank you.


Who Am I?

I’m going to therapy. I want to find out who I am really am, but someone close to me is holding back my full potential. Please pray for me for strength so I can finally do me without worrying about them always watching what I do.


Friend Problems

My friend is getting blamed for something she didn't do. She did the right thing by telling her coach and principal by telling them that she didn't do what she was getting blamed for. She lost all of her so-called "friends" because she told them that they were involved with the incident.


Mission to China

I am going to leave in the next month to go teach in China for a year. I still need to raise money for a plane ticket and I am struggling with belief it will come as well as with fear that I am not going to be a good teacher.



I'm beginning to get into youth ministry as a youth pastor and also as a rapper. And I'm having problems discerning where God is wanting me at. If you could pray for clarity and wisdom for me it would be greatly appreciated.


Mission Trip

A group of 13 are headed to Ecuador next Friday the 26th. My 12 yr old son and wife are going. I ask that the Lord prepare is spiritually and mentally. To prepare the hearts of those who we will encounter in the youth camp, and encourage the missionaries there.


Cyber Bullied

I am experiencing terrible sadness, anxiety, and depression that is affecting an entire family, as an elected official in a small community, being cyber bullied.   I am having a very hard time getting through the pain. Also, pray for the instigator to have a softened heart because so far there is no getting through to him.


Financial Needs

I praise God for answering my prayers and for not letting me down. We are in need of extra finances this month and asking God to once again provide for us.   I own my house and have not been unable to find financing to make the needed repairs.


My Mother

My mother is suffering from multiple myeloma. Please pray for her.



I am running out of strength to fight what feels like a daily battle. My job is not going well but my job history has not been going well in the last 2 years.   It’s been a long year of unfortunate events. My husband won’t work due to social and mental issues.