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Meals on Wheels

Locations: 2004 S 13th St, Rogers, AR 72758
Phone: 479-636-1814

Mission: At Meals on Wheels, our purpose is to keep seniors living on their own in the comfort of their own homes, for as long as possible.

About: In actuality, Meals on Wheels is more than just a delivered lunch. The unfortunate reality is that many of our seniors live at home by themselves, and our volunteers are the only people they see during the day. 

Services: Many of the people we deliver to do not have family in Northwest Arkansas, or at all for that matter, so the well-balanced meal they receive from us is truly what is keeping them living healthfully on their own. All of our delivered meals are diabetic-friendly, including fruit or sugar-free desserts each day.

Volunteer Opportunities: Our Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver meals using their own vehicles, own gasoline and are not compensated for their time. They do this because they truly believe in the cause and understand the value in the few quality moments of positive interraction that each senior receives. The quality of our volunteers is superb and we truly cherish their time and commitment more than they will ever know. They are the cornerstone of our program.