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Camp Alliance, Inc.

Locations: 2203 Promenade Blvd, Rogers, AR 72758
Phone: 479-936-2160

Mission:  To promote and support the military family serving in our Reserve and Guard forces, by providing a facility to cultivate stronger mental, physical, and spiritual health in a recreational facility.

About:  The responsibilities of our “Citizen Soldiers” has changed dramatically in the last twenty years.  No longer is it one weekend a month, two weeks a year, and the odd State or National Emergency mobilization.  The “Citizen Soldier” has found a new role cyclically mobilizing to fight and/or support in the war efforts around the globe.
Unchanged are the responsibilities of the “Citizen Soldier” and their families at home.  Families of Soldiers are expected to know and understand how to deal with the changes that occur in the absence of a family member fighting, living, and surviving in a warzone.  After the tour of duty is over the family is expected to seamlessly make the appropriate adjustment for the homecoming.  Soldiers prior to mobilization are expected to prepare individually, as a member of a family, and as a member of a Unit.  Upon returning home Soldiers are expected to single handedly reincorporate themselves into civilian life.

Our men, women, children and Units who proudly serve this country need an innovative model to help them deal with lifestyle changes and hardships linked to mobilization transitions.  Organizations currently working to serve military families in their transitions identified the reoccurring problem of an appropriate facility.
Camp Alliance, Inc.:

- Constructs an innovative and sustainable retreat-like facility capable of housing up to 300 Soldiers and their families;
- Partners with organizations whose programs currently promote “Family for Citizen Soldiers”
- At the Unit level: Incorporates a family recreational therapy program into a three to seven day course for Soldiers and their families, with a curriculum and training schedule to include but not limited to; Soldier physical training sessions, professional counseling, Soldier Readiness Program, Unit Family Readiness Groups, children/youth programming, and family recreational activities.

Camp Alpha will serve the Tri-state regions of Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  There will be 18-20 sites nationally to service our “Citizen Soldiers and Families”.
Our services are to be used prior to and immediately following “Family” mobilizations and as needed to be determined by chain of command.
This is for Reserve and Guard units of all military branches.

Programs:  Camp Alliance, Inc. has two different programs to accomplish their mission.

The Workers 4 Soldiers Program provides Americans with a method of giving back to those heroes who have sacrificed for our freedoms.  It is an easy way for any Corporation, business, organization, group or team to organize a fun campaign or event in which you know the proceeds will go directly to support and/or creating, building, and operating a facility to help your neighborhood military family cope with the stresses of a natural disaster, mobilization, separation, and returning home.

The Disaster Relief Support Program involves working with communities to identify and support the individual needs of families, aiding Soldiers through uniform and equipment replacement, and aiding families by creating family recreational activities.

Volunteer Opportunities:  We are continually looking for opportunities to involve Veterans and family members along with civilians to take part in this project.  We have several needs for passionate individuals to serve and volunteer, everything from design and programming, to event staff, to serving as a board member.