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Spay Arkansas

Locations: 1909 W. Huntsville Avenue, Springdale, AR
Phone: 479-756-1100


To reduce the number of unwanted and stray animals entering our shelters by offering high quality and affordable spay and neuter services to the under-served individuals, shelters, and rescues within our community.”
Our values

* Provide compassionate care to all animals as if they were our own.

* Respect the wishes of human owners and work with them for positive outcomes for their animals.

* Provide leadership to others by sharing our health care knowledge as well as develop and promote new ideas and programs that will help animals.

* To be open and honest in our relationships with each other and those we serve.

* With a grateful heart we promise to be fiscally responsible with donations made to our organization.


A registered nonprofit since 2009 Spay Arkansas has been altering animals from economically challenged households, rescues and shelters in NWA for 4 years. Since that time more than 17,000 animals have had surgery at our facility which is located in Springdale. Our goal is simple, to reduce the number of animals that are euthanized at local shelters or that are left abandoned in fields or rural areas of our community. Volunteers donate time for recovery, cleaning and laundry. Highly trained doctors of veterinary medicine conduct surgery and skilled technicans monitor animals the entire time the animals are in the building.


Spay and neuter of cats and dogs is our primary mission. Animals that are at least two months of age and 2 pounds are accepted. We are a well animal clinic and safety is our number one concern. If a pet is presented that has health issues we have several full service veterinary clinics that we call upon for assistance and the clients are offered discounted prices at their facility. Once per month we offer to all citizens a Saturday vaccine and microchip event for the health and protection of their pet and humans. This is conducted from 9 am to 3 pm at the center is Springdale.

Volunteer opportunities

Students are welcome to help post fliers announcing our services. There is a huge need to make our services known! Car wash, bake sale, yard sale, a birthday party where you accept supplies we use at the clinic would be most appreciated. Service projects such as mowing our grass every other week are needed. We also are in need of training people 18 years of age or older to help watch over animals as they recover from surgery. No animal is left alone and the more eyes the better! If you are computer literate and like talking to people we will be glad to train you to make appointments. This is a feel good environment where we make happy beginnings for animals and their owners. We accept volunteer applications continuously.