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The Village Writing School

Locations: 1200 W Walnut St Suite 1260, Rogers, AR 72746
Phone: 479-292-3665

Mission: The twofold mission of the Village Writing School is to help beginning and established writers develop their craft and to foster a vibrant literary community in the Northwest Arkansas region.

About: We are an independent creative writing school offering affordable half-day and full-day workshops on many aspects of writing.

We are located in beautiful Rogers, Arkansas, with affiliate Village Writing School programs in other locations. As a 501c3 nonprofit, we are not associated with any other educational institution or writers' colony or program.

Our workshops include an in-depth curriculum in the elements of narrative prose and we offer special workshops in blogging, poetry, playwriting, the graphic novel, inspirational writing, mindful writing, various genres such as horror and mystery, flash fiction, feature writing, oral storytelling and creative nonfiction such as memoir.

Because we strive to help our students write the best possible stories, all our regular teachers hold MFA's in Fiction or Creative Nonfiction or PhD's in related fields. Our guest instructors are popular or credentialed area writers, such as Kevin Brockmeier, Jan Morrill, Pat Carr and Paula Morell.

The Village Writing School works to maintain the highest standards of writing craft within the framework of a fun and nonthreatening environment. We especially appreciate "Silver Writers" who are coming to writing for the first time, and we offer all our regular Eureka Springs workshops free to any high school student or anyone under eighteen.

Services Provided: We strive to create a lively literary community through our weekly Writers' Night Out, which gives area writers a chance to network with one another over dinner and a social evening every Thursday. We hold periodic writers' retreats and keep everyone in the loop with a weekly newsletter. 

Our mission is to help you write you story your way, while showing you the skills that will make your work more readable and more publishable. If you're a beginner, we welcome you to jump in. If you're an established writer, we welcome you to join the dialogue and pick up a thing or five.

Volunteer Opportunities: We need teachers, adults who want to write, and volunteers to work with writers.