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D.E.B. Project

Locations: 1140 N Walton Blvd St 6 Bentonville, AR 72712
Phone: 479-544-9397

Mission:Our mission is to fill the unmet gap in clothing needs to children who are victims of either disasters, economic distress or are entering into the foster care system. The organization strives to honor these request with dignity and grace.

About: The DEB Project was began in June 2012 by reaching out to foster parents in the area. after noticing a greater need in the Bentonville area, we contacted the Bentonville School District to see how we could help with more families and children in need. In April 2015 the DEB Project received our 501(c)3 after just 6 short months! The DEB Project is a Community supported organization. Without the help of sweet friends, the DEB Project could not have reached this level of success.

Services provided: The DEB project works closely with the school system and foster families in NWA to identify children in need within the community. Once a need is identified a backpack is prepared with the following items: 5 tops, 5 bottoms, socks, underwear, shoes and a hygiene kit. The backpack is a discreet way to deliver the items to the children who need them, as well as provide a basic school necessity.

Volunteer opportunities: Pray for the children that come through the DEB Project. Donate gently used clothing, NEW underwear and socks and hygiene items. Financial donations and gift cards are always a wonderful blessing.