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Bright Futures Pea Ridge

Locations: 781 W. Pickens, Pea Ridge, AR
Phone: 1-800-451-3583

Mission: Our vision is to inspire community partnerships that open a way for all children to learn, lead and serve to their full potential now and in the future. To bring that vision to reality, we work to develop and support independent affiliate communities. Our framework brings together businesses, human service agencies, faith-based organizations, parent groups and individuals in an effort to create lasting connections to help all kids succeed. Through our framework, our affiliate communities are committed to three main goals:

1 Create communication and resource structures to meet any child's basic needs within 24 hours.
2 Build community leadership capacity to improve problem solving capabilities to address the greater challenges faced by today's youth.
3 Provide service-learning opportunities to provide students and teachers curriculum-based, hands-on service experiences to grow generations of service-minded citizens.


The above site answers questions in detail


Shoes, clothing, school supplies for children daily.
Prom clothing, graduation gowns for high school kids
Mentors for younger children
Scholarships for Seniors who are involved in the community.
College bound visits to introduce colleges to kids
Help and support for teachers.

Volunteer opportunities: They can go to our Facebook page and there will be requests of needs such as shoes or clothing for needs for children. Be a lunch buddy, donate time in the store room organizing and helping with different projects such as stuff the bus or Back to school bash where we do free haircuts, clothing and school supplies. We give a free breakfast too.