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Rogers Public Education Foundation

Locations: PO Box 1021Rogers, AR 72757
Phone: 479-631-3556

Mission: The Rogers Public Education Foundation promotes and enhances the quality of education in our community by collecting and distributing money for worthwhile academic programs -- programs that would not normally be funded through conventional means. The foundation also recognizes and rewards the achievements of students and teachers in the Rogers School District.

About: While their basic needs are met, all too often our classroom teachers are forced to use their own resources to purchase programs or materials to enrich their classroom teaching. The grants awarded by the Rogers Public Education Foundation benefit every child in the Rogers School District, including Lowell and Garfield. Teachers who are awarded grants are able to enhance learning for each child in their classroom for multiple years without having to spend money out of their own pockets. 

Throughout the year, the Foundation, which was founded in 1996 by members of the community who believed the public school systems directly impact society, raises money to be given to teachers who apply through a grant process. In the last few years, the money raised by the Foundation has increased significantly. In 2013, the total amount awarded was approximately $40,000.00. At the end of the 2015-16 school year, almost $170,000.00 in grants and awards were provided to teachers in Pre-K through high school. A large amount of grants awarded included training programs for emerging leaders, items that enhanced the technology in the classrooms, such as Chrome books, Digital Cameras, Kindles, and iPads, ceramics equipment, STEM stations, exercise bikes, books, teaching guides, heart rate monitors, and so much more.

The grants we award not only fulfill a need in the present moment, but they also have a long-lasting effect. Money given towards the Link Training Program encourages student mentorship and leadership in the schools. Artistic development is enhanced by the grants given through musical instruments and art supplies. An increase in the amount of books in the classroom gives students the freedom to engage their minds to reading and aids in literacy development. On the physical side, the addition of heart rate monitors, bikes, and exercise balls will challenge students to move in an interactive way, and will help fight juvenile obesity.

Services: The Foundation also started the Give-Grant-Grow campaign, which encourages community members to support children in the Rogers Public Schools. When individuals give to this campaign, we are able to fund more grants that support academic programs and teachers' needs in the classroom, needs that would not be funded through conventional means. Long term, the contributions made to the Give-Grant-Grow campaign give our students an advantage as they grow to be contributing members of society. 

Another large event of the Rogers Public Education Foundation is the annual Wall of Distinction Banquet, which was established in 2012. At this banquet, the Foundation pays tribute to the special accomplishments of Rogers School District alumni, teachers, administrators, parents, and supportive community members.

It is the goal of the Rogers Public Education Foundation to continue to increase the funds donated to our Foundation, to in turn provide even more grants to teachers in the Rogers School District. The funds we provide teachers not only enrich the classroom setting, but they also make a positive impact on the futures of the younger generation.

The Foundation also recognizes and awards each school's Teacher of the Year with $100.00.

The Foundation serves every school in Rogers, Lowell, and Garfield. This includes 22 schools, and over 15,000 students and 1,000 teachers.

Volunteer opportunities: There are many ways for people to get involved! By coming to our annual Wall of Distinction banquet, you are supporting community members that have made a huge impact while also helping us provide more grants to teachers in the Rogers School District. You can also support us by contributing to our Give-Grant-Grow campaign. If you're interested in serving on our Board - contact us!