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Living Lively

Locations: 1304 W Margaret Pl. Rogers, AR
Phone: 479-330-1930

Mission: To end loneliness and improve the quality of life for isolated aging adults in Northwest Arkansas by providing personalized in home interaction and socialization through an individualized volunteer match up program.

About: Living Lively founder Melissa Nicodemus was inspired to combat loneliness in the NWA aging community by her mother's battle with end stage COPD. After taking a more active role in her mother's health regime, Melissa saw first hand the benefits of social interaction to her mother's well-being. Even interactions as simple as having a hair cut had a noticeably positive impact. Melissa realized she wanted to help all isolated aging adults know that they are not alone.

Services: Living Lively seeks to end loneliness and improve quality of life for isolated older adults by providing personalized in home social interaction. 

We offer services for isolated aging adults and the disabled in Northwest Arkansas through our Kindred Spirits program. Participants are matched with a volunteer companion based upon personalities and interests. Volunteers visit participants' homes with activities such as cards, games, puzzles, crafts, and much more based upon the interests expressed by the elder participant. The number, length, and frequency of meetings are determined by the desires and availability of the participant and volunteer. Activities are not limited to examples provided by Living Lively. We make every effort to individualize our participants' experiences and connect them with the activities they love.

Volunteer Opportunities: We are always seeking volunteers to serve as friends for the Kindred Spirits Program. Long-term commitments are not required and volunteer opportunities are flexible. We need volunteers in many areas and accept contributions in the form of any amount of time, supplies, or funds. 

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Phone: 479-256-8476

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