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Children's Safety Center

Locations: 614 E Emma, Suite 200, Springdale
Phone: 479-872-6183; AR Child Abuse Hotline: 800-482-5964

About:  Every year, hundreds of children in the Northwest Arkansas area are robbed of their dreams, robbed of their self-esteem and robbed of their childhood by physical and sexual abuse. Children’s Safety Center (CSC) is a child-friendly, family-centered facility, located in the JTL Shop in Springdale, AR that coordinates the complex investigation, prosecution and treatment services to these child victims of sexual and physical abuse in Washington County and provides the same services as a courtesy to Madison, Crawford, Franklin, Sebastian, Johnson and other counties as needed. 

A non-profit organization started in 1997, the Safety Center was created to help prevent further trauma these children might endure during that process. Utilizing the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) model allows the Center to facilitate more effective prevention, detection, investigation and treatment of child abuse by bringing together the team of professionals that includes the vital resources of law enforcement, child protective services, victim service providers, prosecutors, medical personnel, mental health professionals and community volunteers. This team of professionals works together to ensure that the best interest of these child victims are being served.

Services:  The Children’s Safety Center offers a variety of services. These services include:

Advocacy - Victim support and advocacy are key components for any Advocacy Center.  Even when all of the individuals working on a case are very supportive of the child and family, the very nature of the investigation can be traumatic.  The services of a victim advocate are essential in achieving the overall goals of reduction in trauma and secondary victimization for children.  Our victim advocates are trained and knowledgeable of the court systems as well as the work of child protection, law enforcement, prosecution and the medical components of an investigation.

Forensic Interviews - A coordinated investigation is a successful response to child abuse, particularly child sexual abuse.  The CSC has a trained forensic interviewer that performs a DVD recorded interview per request by law enforcement.  The CSC also offers our interview room to law enforcement officers who have been trained in forensic interviewing.

Medical - Specialized medical evaluations and sexual assault exams are made available to all children who are victims of suspected abuse, particularly sexual abuse.  The specialized exams occur on-site at the Children’s Safety Center in a child friendly environment, not only to assist with the physical evidence collection of the case, but also to provide much needed comfort to the child and non-offending parent.  Our exams are performed by a certified SANE, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, specifically trained in child sexual assault exams.  Her work is peer reviewed by the Center’s Medical Director, Dr. Mark Thomas and by Dr. Karen Farst and Dr. Jerry Jones of Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Therapy - The Children’s Safety Center provides a free, comprehensive treatment program for the victim, sibling and non-offending parent.  Early therapeutic intervention is crucial to the long-term well being of the child.  These services are provided onsite in a child friendly environment.
For a full description of what each of these services offer, check out the website!