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Hub of HOPE

Locations: PO Box 2290, Rogers, AR, 72757
Phone: 479-640-0022

Mission: We work to bring Healing and Opportunities to victims of human trafficking and provide Prevention and Education to the community.

About: Jenny Sorey founded Hub of HOPE in 2016. Before founding the organization, Jenny served the vulnerable and oppressed through the work of various organizations both internationally and domestically. Jenny heard the words "modern slavery" and "human trafficking" for the first time in 2011 and she realized that most of the individuals she had worked with throughout her life had been the vulnerable who were at a high risk of becoming victims of human trafficking... modern slaves. The realization that there are more slaves on the planet TODAY, over 40 million, ignited a passion to do what needed to be done in order to see the end of modern slavery in her lifetime. 

Realizing that the issue of human trafficking existed right here in Northwest Arkansas, with little attention to the needs of the victims and little recognition from the community that it was even happening here, Hub of HOPE was birthed. Hub of HOPE is an all volunteer organization at this time and has been since it's beginnings. Hub of HOPE became an official 501c3 under the name At the Table, Inc dba Hub of HOPE in In January of 2017.

Services: Our work is a two fold mission. One goal is to raise awareness and educate our community on human trafficking so there will be a more effective response to the issue and to help prevent trafficking from happening in the most vulnerable lives of our community. We do this work through our SEEDS Team, which does outreach in local jails and prisons, our PACT (Parents Against Child Trafficking) Team, which educates parents and child-influencers about the tactics of a trafficker - especially in our media driven culture, our School, Medical and Community Awareness Training Teams - defining human trafficking, how to recognize it and how to respond to it. The other side of our work is in assisting survivors to heal and give them opportunities for positive next steps. We do this work through our Victim Response Team, working directly with victims to assess their needs and help them make the next positive steps for safety, healing and restoration. We provide a short term Transition Center which is a place to meet with survivors to make this plan - we call it The HUB. We also provide a HelpLine for anyone who feels they are in danger due to the control of a trafficker or for anyone who feels they may be in the presence of someone who is a potential victim. We are planning to add a "mentorship" team and "survivor support group" by 2020 and are so excited to have clients who are wanting to join together in their healing and support one another!

Volunteer Opportunities: We love volunteers! We require anyone who desires to be an official Hub of HOPE volunteer, working on one or more of our teams, to attend our Human Trafficking Awareness and Victim Response Training (8 hours) which is offered twice a year. After completion of that training, applicants are asked to fill out our volunteer application which includes a background check. The next step in training is a more detailed view of each team including the protocol - policies and procedures. 

But we also have other ways to volunteer without an "official status" - outreach, set up for events, connecting us to community groups for opportunities to raise awareness, a variety of tasks at The HUB, admin and media outreach... we are open to hear creative ways people feel they could use their gifts and talents to assist in the mission that lies before us!