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Hope Academy of Northwest Arkansas

Locations: 14100 Vaughn Road, Bentonville AR
Phone: 479-795-2417

Mission: The mission of Hope Academy of Northwest Arkansas is to provide students with a safe, positive, trauma-informed academic environment that will nurture their love for learning and confidence in life.

About: Hope Academy of Northwest Arkansas is an open-enrollment, tuition-free, public charter school. It is designed to meet the unique educational needs of children who have experienced consistent and pervasive trauma. At Hope Academy, trauma is defined as "detrimental events that have occurred in a child's life that significantly impact the child's ability to cognitively and behaviorally function in a classroom setting." Hope Academy will focus on students who have experienced abuse, neglect and other adverse childhood experiences including the death of a parent or caregiver, exposure to substance abuse in the home, homelessness, living in a chronically chaotic environment, etc. Small classroom settings in which specially-trained teachers provide personalized, trauma-informed instruction will give these students the best chance to succeed.

Services: Hope Academy serves children from throughout Northwest Arkansas. While Hope Academy is located in the Bentonville School District, we can serve children from all neighboring districts. For the 2020/2021 school year, Hope Academy will serve children in grades K-3. We will then add a grade each year until we are serving children in Kindergarten through 6th grade. There is only one classroom per grade with a student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1. There are also two paraprofessionals assisting in each classroom. Since Hope Academy is a public charter school, students attend without paying tuition or additional fees.

Volunteer Opportunities: We are seeking volunteers for Hope Academy who can assist in the classroom, help students with homework in the after school program, serve as mentors for the children, complete projects for the teachers, and provide holiday parties and unique, educational opportunities for the kids.