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Restoration Village

Locations: Rogers AR
Phone: 479-402-0036

Mission: Restoration Village is Northwest Arkansas' faith-based, long-term crisis shelter for women and children. Our mission is to restore hope and break the cycle of abuse for every woman and child we serve. We accomplish our mission by providing safe shelter and life-changing services to our residents.

About: In 1989, David and Beverly Engle founded Restoration Village with the dream of opening a long-term facility where those in need could experience love, grace, and hospitality. They wanted to create a place where women and children in crisis could have their hope restored, dignity renewed, and lives rebuilt. The name of the ministry was inspired by Isaiah 42:22 where God's people are described in desperate circumstances, "This is a people robbed and plundered... they have become a prey with no one to rescue, a spoil with no one to say, 'Restore!'" The Village began with the dream of speaking this word of restoration to women and children. Now more than thirty years later, David and Beverly's daughter, Natalie Tibbs, leads Restoration Village as its Executive Director. She hopes to continue the work and legacy of her parents and ensure that women and children in crisis can find hope again and rebuild their lives at Restoration Village.

Services: Restoration Village offers women and children safe shelter and life-changing services. Safe shelter for residents at Restoration Village includes food, housing, and transportation. The facility is located in the beautiful woods of Rogers, Arkansas, on a 70 acre campus. The Village provides family-style, communal living with a main lodge and three transitional houses. More than a house, the Village offers women and children a loving home to all its residents. 

Beyond shelter, the Village provides life-changing services. They have programs for individual and group therapy. One of their most unique features is an equine therapy program with horses. In addition, the Village also provides advocacy services for women and children, enrichment activities, and mentors for children. Within the local community, the Village also works to educate the public about violence against women and children and encourages the community to help restore hope by sharing in the work of the Village.

Volunteer Opportunities: The Village has lots of opportunities for volunteers to give their support to women and children in crisis. Volunteers can help provide meals for residents, assist with childcare, help with transportation, and share in the upkeep of the 70 acre grounds and facility. Mentors are also needed for both adult residents and children. Volunteers can also lend a hand with special events, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations. For information about how you can be part of the Village and help restore hope to women and children in crisis, contact Kris Adams, their Director of Development, at 479-402-0036 or To learn more about the Village and hear some of its stories of hope, please visit their website at