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Achilles International - Arkansas

Locations: 3005 N Herron Dr., Fayetteville
Phone: 405-694-1082

Mission: Achilles International - Arkansas transforms the lives of people with disabilities through athletic programs and social connection.

About: Achilles International was founded by Dick Traum in 1983, the first amputee to complete the New York City Marathon. He eventually began to host several chapters and athletic programs for the disabled and handicapped. Today, over 35 years later, Achilles International is operating on 25 countries including the US. The Arkansas chapter of Achilles was founded on June 1st of 2019 by Mary Dean and Elise Wyatt, two former NYC volunteers. We organize and plan weekly workouts and events that are open to volunteers and individuals with disabilities.

Services: Achilles membership is free to any individual with a disability. We host weekly workouts where our members, called athletes, are paired with a volunteer guide who run or walk beside the athlete. We provide for our athletes to compete in races and fundraise for adaptive sports equipment (running prosthetics, hand-crank cycles, etc.) to enable them to run or roll.

Volunteer opportunities: Email or go to our Facebook or Instagram bio (@achillesarkansas) to find a link to the sign-up forms. Lastly, they can contact Mary Dean or Elise Wyatt for more information about becoming a member or volunteer of Achilles Arkansas.