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NWA Second Stage Transition

Locations: 608 South Hico Street Siloam Springs, AR 72761
Phone: 479-549-3737


NWA Second Stage Transition helps encourage transformation to individuals who are willing to break the bondage of abuse to find hope and take control of their lives. NWA Second Stage Transition seeks to strengthen linkages between clients and community-based resources to prevent the progression of abuse, addiction, and homelessness. NWA Second Stage Transition believes each person is created to be a unique and valuable individual. 


  • Establish an emergency residential home for women. At that time, all our services will be solely focused for women
  • Acceptance into a residential program shall be based on eligibility (ages 18+).
  • Plans to provide a safe and supportive environment and home to individuals in recovery from substance abuse, domestic violence, and sexual abuse.
  • Intends to provide residential living to residents to prevent relapse and encourage job seeking.
  • to help individuals build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Plans to continue to teach residents financial budgeting
  • Intends to offer health and wellness classes
  • Aims is to continue to offer onsite substance abuse and mental health counseling, coaching, and support groups
  • Plans to offer a life skills program to hone personal, family, and employment skills.
  • Intends to offer art therapy and life skills classes that are designed to reduce substance abuse, dating violence, and sexual assault Plans to provide ongoing case management and support system
  • Intends to help individuals’ transition into permanent housing upon program completion/graduation
  • After graduation, aims to offer graduates to become a part of NWA Second Stage Transition after-care outreach services
  • Assist individuals and their families to continue healing and wellness through continued collaboration with other halfway houses, education, and community resources


  • Provides individuals dealing with abuse, homelessness, and/or addiction with the resources they need to positively transform their lives.
  • Empowers individuals to see their unique value.
  • Teaches acceptance and informed decision making.
  • Strengthens links between residents and community-based resources to prevent the progression of abuse, addiction, and homelessness.
  • Offers substance abuse and mental health counseling, assessments, coaching, parenting classes, domestic violence, and order of protection awareness.
  • Office support group/AA (Alcohol Anonymous) meetings for men and women when necessary.


Phase 1 is a short-term emergency shelter (1-2 weeks) service for individuals who have completed a recent residential program, shelter living, or treatment program, but are awaiting approval to get into an apartment.

Phase 2 seeks to provide a safe and supportive short-term residential living (six months) service to women who want to live self-sufficiently safer lives; make informed decisions and undergo personal growth.

Phase 3 confirms the residents readiness to move to indepentant living.

Residents Manifesto:

To break the cycle of substance abuse, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, homelessness, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and unhealthy dating lifestyles by practicing healthy life skills and sound decision making.