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More To Give NWA

Locations: 2093 Riverwater Ln. Fayetteville, AR 72703
Phone: 479-502-2972


We exist to create an unforgettable Christmas Eve experience for the homeless children in NWA.


Our differentiator from most other Christmas organizations is our focus on the immersive experience of what Christmas Eve is about, and less on gifts. Gifts come and go from a child's life, and it is our belief that the feeling of Christmas Eve is the most special memory we can give. Our goal is to provide children with what most of us already do on Christmas Eve; traditional holiday meals, cookies, hot chocolate, games, Christmas movies, a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus and the reading of the Real Christmas Story.


We provide an EXPERIENCE to create a lifelong memory.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We are in need of: dishes from local restaurants, decorations, Santa suits, PJ's for 100 kids, bibles to be donated at the end of the evening, food for the next morning for each family, Christmas trees, wreaths, 100 stockings for the children.

To learn more about More To Give NWA, visit our website here.

Contact us: 


Phone: 479-502-2972