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Earth Mission, Inc./Earth Mission Asia

Locations: 608 S. Hico Street, Siloam Springs, AR 72761
Phone: 479-524-0776


Earth Mission, Inc. (home office in Siloam Springs) - We are committed to meeting the physical needs of people as a reflection of our Christian beliefs. We do this by providing culturally sensitive, efficient and sustainable solutions to problems that require technical or medical skills, and by mobilizing prayer and financial support. We see a future for people that is health promoting, economically stimulating, free of oppression and meets spiritual needs.

Earth Mission Asia (a project of Earth Mission, Inc. in Thailand/Myanmar) - Our mission is to train healthcare teams to empower people in remote Karen areas with health, hope, and knowledge. We want to see all people in remote Karen areas have access to high quality healthcare.


In 1983, several Christian engineers wanted a way to use their God-given gifts to reach out to those in need. Earth Mission now includes people with medical interests, engineers, teachers and business people. Over the years, we have had a variety of projects in Mexico, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand. We have narrowed our focus to work in Thailand and Myanmar with the Karen.


The Karen people group have endured decades of military conflict in Myanmar. This conflict has had disastrous consequences on standards of health in remote areas. In fact, area health statistics are some of the worst in the world. Since 2015, Earth Mission Asia has been operating a five-year Physician Assistant training program that is specifically designed around problems commonly found in rural villages. We are also developing training programs needed to support healthcare teams in the jungle (i.e. engineering technology and administration). Our strategies are especially focused on empowering students from these areas.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Local opportunities mainly include quarterly bulk mailings that need people to fold letters & stuff envelopes. The nature of our work is sensitive, so there's not much other hands-on work to share. We do need prayer support and people who want to share our mission/vision with others in the community - help raise awareness and funding for the project. Travel to Thailand and Myanmar has become quite difficult since COVID, so in-country opportunities are limited. We are taking advantage of remote, web-based teaching opportunities for English, Math, Engineering, Medicine, Administration and other professional fields.