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Women in the Marketplace

Locations: 1808 N Pointer Lane, Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: 479-287-8616

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Women in the Marketplace

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1808 N Pointer Lane





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What is the organization's mission statement?

Equipping working women to confidently pursue their faith and career for the glory of God.

Tell us about your organization (how did it start, how is it run)?

Women in the Marketplace was started in 2017 by founder Kathy Book in Cincinnati when she was continually approached by women who were struggling with intense over-reaching demands at work, isolation, burnout and a hunger for understanding how to lean on their faith for strength. Catherine Gates, along with several other women, started Christian Women in the Workplace in NWA at the same time for the same reasons. In 2021, Catherine took the position of Executive Director for Women in the Marketplace, merging the two and poised to serve more women nationally.

What services does the organization provide?

We offer workplace Bible studies designed for time-starved women (no homework, rich discussion); Opportunities to connect with other working women who want to integrate their faith into their work; prayer; partnership with churches to help them serve the working women in their congregations; leadership development curriculum; speakers; support for businesses interested in creating a culture in which women can thrive

How can people get involved (volunteer opportunities)?

Boldly Conference volunteer opportunities
Join the Prayer team
Social media support