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Ladies of Grace

Locations: P.O. Box 734 Lowell, AR 72745
Phone: (479) 409-3425


Helping transform women's lives in prison by equipping them with life tools and preparing them for their second chance.


A woman who was incarcerated asked Rita Ivy to teach her how to be a lady. That was the start of Ladies of Grace bringing volunteers into the prison weekly to teach women what God says about them. For over 13 years, Ladies of Grace has been meeting and encouraging women in prison with the life-giving message that Christ is the only one capable of making us clean, forgiving our sins and restoring us into who He created us to be. We assure each woman that her life matters to Him and He lives to give her life value, purpose, and meaning.

We teach women to be ladies, covered by grace and forgiveness. Shame and guilt have no place here.


Ladies of Grace provides practical life skills and training along with biblical studies. We prepare women for life on the outside as returning citizens, mothers, wives, employees, community members, and children of God.

We are a ministry team of women from the NWA community, willing to enter prison to serve other women.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Ladies of Grace is donor supported. We need volunteers to help us acquire hygiene items and assemble re-entry bags for women returning to the community, people who would be willing to write encouraging notes to the ladies at holidays, and people who are skillful at teaching life skills and facilitating Bible study. Volunteers who go into the prison must go through a training process, interview and background check to be approved.

For more information, email Rita: or call (479) 409-3425.