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Lifewater International

Locations: 314 S Main St. Bentonville, AR 72712
Phone: 479-360-5030


We are Christians providing access to safe water, and improved sanitation and hygiene, one village at a time.


Lifewater was founded in 1977, born out of a passion to fight the global water crisis not only by providing access to safe water, but by providing sanitation, hygiene education, and hope of the Gospel as well. Since then, we have served over 2.5 million people in over 40 countries. We currently work in 4 countries - Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Cambodia. We hire local staff in each of our program areas to facilitate sanitation and hygiene education, drill and maintain wells, and partner with local churches and ministry partners.


Lifewater's grassroots approach to solving the global water and sanitation crisis is called "Vision of a Healthy Village." It operates from the belief that real, lasting change takes all of us...donors, local communities, and Lifewater staff...working in partnership with one another so that no one is left behind. In each village that we work in, we commit to a 3-year program followed by several years of maintenance and data collection. Details about our process can be found here on our website:

Volunteer Opportunities:

Lifewater is seeking volunteers to support in the Bentonville office on a consistent basis! Support would include handwriting thank you notes, making thank-you calls to our donors, and occasional spreadsheet projects.
Our operating hours are 8:00AM- 5:00 PM and are flexible with volunteers' schedules. You can sign up to volunteer by filling out this form on our website:

If you have a heart to serve vulnerable children and families around the world and would like to gain experience in a non-profit office setting, please consider volunteering with Lifewater! Contact us:

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