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Restoration Ranch of Arkansas, Inc.

Locations: 1736 Madison 2810, Huntsville, AR 72740
Phone: 479-665-2659


To empower and restore broken Christians in our community with the love of God and through sound Biblical Principles.


Over twenty years ago, in Palm Bay, FL, former missionaries Larry and Jeanine Palazzi were inspired by God with a vision of building a ranch for restoration where broken Christians could improve and empower their walk with Christ. They packed up their kids, sold their home and bought 101 acres on the top of Phillips Mountain in the Ozarks. For the past 20 years they have opened their home and their hearts with a message of love, forgiveness, hope, redemption, and restoration. In 2018 they became ordained, and in 2019 Restoration Ranch of Arkansas became incorporated (RROAR for short). Then, in 2022, they were approved as a 501c3 nonprofit. They are ready for their vision to come into full fruition with the construction of a lodge, dining hall, stables, cabins and the Creator's Workshop where residents can exercise their God-given creative DNA.


RROAR provides housing, meals, ministry, biblical training, and experiential mentoring in 3-month sessions. Resident candidates follow a daily schedule of spiritual growth and participate in a work-exchange program. Anyone wanting to apply to come to RROAR must be actively seeking spiritual growth. Candidates visit RROAR's website where they fill out the initial application . Then there is a phone interview and a more in-depth paper application along with other forms to fill out including a criminal record release, medical history and release forms, Photo release, and a liability waver. Then the process of calling references and prayer before candidates are accepted. There is a $200.00 application fee. But the ministry time is free.

Volunteer Opportunities:

There are many volunteer opportunity events scheduled throughout the year. This year the focus is on preparing 40 of the 101 acres for construction. They have already had a garden clean-up and a Trail Blazers Day. But there is so much more land clearing, tree cutting, gardening, and clean up that needs to be done before they can start the building process. Volunteers can visit the Facebook page (Restoration Ranch of Arkansas) or the website at The next event is an Earth Day Volunteer Organic Gardening work day with delicious BBQ and a bonfire afterward.

Contact RROAR:


Phone: 479-665-2659