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Just Say Yes

Locations: 13515 W Highway 102 Centerton, AR 72719
Phone: 479-530-6191


To spread the Gospel for people to accept Salvation through Jesus, discipling and getting people to disciple after accepting Jesus into their hearts and uniting the church in one accord.
Arteries from the heart of it are helping and serving people.


It began in a dream the Lord gave Danny in the 80's when the Just Say No to drugs became popular, Jesus told him to Just Say Yes to Jesus (he was a youth pastor at the time). Then he was shown that the name Jesus was in the title.....JUS say yES. As years went by, I can only assume because we all had to go through a preparation season, a waiting of the Lord season. And God's timing being perfect, He called us to step into the season of Just Say Yes Ministries along with others. He called into place for it as well this past year. It is quite the testimony of how it all came together.


We provide free bibles, prayer and whatever the Lord leads us to.
We provide "house call ministry" - whatever the Lord puts on our hearts that He wants us to do.
We will be doing pop up tent services in the near future. 
We are in the process of putting together a young women's devotional/bible study with discussions on women's roles as a wife, mother and sister in Christ.
And one day we plan to build an outdoor Amphitheater called LAMP that will be 24/7 praise, worship, just a 24/7 presence of God, with camps for kids, families, married couples, men and women.