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Locations: P.O. Box 3794, Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-466-3210

Mission:  To identify and eradicate causes for human suffering among the disenfranchised population of war-torn societies through education, vocation and meeting physical needs.

Our Vision:  To develop self-sustainable projects that will accomplish our mission in war-torn regions of the world, and to assist in the betterment of existing projects through partnerships with proven and sustainable organizations.

About:  forgottensong began in Bolivian prison.  San Pedro is one of the most infamous prisons in South America as it is a cocaine factory in disguise.  Inside the walls, prisoners manufacture large amounts of cocaine and the prison guards deal it.  What is most shocking, however, is that the children of the prisoners are forced to mule the cocaine out of the prison and are used as a delivery service for the system.  After hearing of this, Charles followed a team heading to visit San Pedro.  Soon after arriving, he realized that these children, by no choice of their own, are paying for the crimes of their parents.

After returning to the United States, the thought haunted Charles that the injustice of children suffering because of the crimes of their parents exists all over the world.  After researching more in depth, he found that the highest crime exists in the world’s war-torn countries where so many children are paying for the choices of their parents to hate and fight one another, and are therefore many times left without parents and homeless.  What’s worse is that very few people are ever willing to take any further action beyond shaking their head at the realities of these children.

This is when forgottensong was born.
Soon after, Charles journeyed to Iraq and Afghanistan to get a closer look into the realities of war and the choices that have to be made on a daily basis by children in a war torn society.  He along with the forgottensong team now travel the world in search of the best methods and practices for starting projects to benefit and reclaim the orphaned at at-risk-child populations in the world’s war-torn countries.

Get Involved:  There is a full spectrum of possibilities for your involvement with forgottensong.  We encourage partnership through time and finances both stateside and overseas.  Ways to partner with us include: 

- Signing up for a short term trip to our latest project country.
- Consider adding your talents to our long term team in country.
- Donating finances one time or monthly.
- Volunteering your talents and services stateside.  (For instance, an amazing woman, Mitzy Edens from Rogers, Arkansas donated her architectural services to design a model school for our Iraq project!)

For more information on getting involved with forgottensong, check out their website!