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Locations: 808 N. Main Street, Bentonville, AR 72712
Phone: 479-273-1060

Mission:  Havenwood’s mission is to provide a safe, stable, structured living environment while connecting single parent families with the resources and guidance to overcome the obstacles in their lives and transform the future of their family.

Vision: Empowering single parent families and transforming lives.

About: The Havenwood program meets basic needs by providing a safe and secure place to live. We empower families by providing family, group and individual counseling. We connect residents with community support and resources to break down the barriers each family faces in order to move from homelessness to self-sufficiency and transform their family.

Programs: Residents receive services including individual case management services, information and referral, parenting education, pre-job guidance, money management, and goal setting. Residents have been assisted with transportation, life skills, education, and with personal financial counseling through case management also.

Our average length of stay is six months before residents can be transitioned into their own housing (apartment, rental home, etc.). Our average resident is a female between 18-35 years of age, leaving an overcrowded or unsafe living environment, with no regular income source at admission or on Temporary Assistance, with one to two children under the age of five.

Volunteer Opportunities:  There are many ways to get involved with Havenwood and we invite you to join us on every level whether it is a financial gift or a gift of your time. Havenwood has a wide array of volunteer opportunities, for individuals and groups, from one time to on-going commitments. Please take time to review our volunteer opportunities on our website. Some include:

Adult Education
Advisory Group Member
Aid Station
Family Fun Bike Ride Encouragers
First Aid/MERT Certified
Food and Drink Volunteers
Goody Bag Assembling
Group Childcare
Human Sign
SAG Car Support
Set-up/Tear Down
Special Events