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Hope Cancer Resources

Locations: 5835 W Sunset Ave, Springdale
Phone: 479-361-5847

Mission: The mission of Hope Cancer Resources is to provide compassionate, professional cancer support and education in the Northwest Arkansas region today and tomorrow. Our services allow cancer patients to have access to cancer services they need with a focus on improving quality of life and lowering the incidence of cancer in Northwest Arkansas.

Vision: For all cancer patients to have access to cancer services they need with a focus on improving quality of life and lowering the incidence of cancer in Northwest Arkansas.

About: In 2009, the Boards of Directors of NARTI and HOPE, Inc. announced that they would be joining forces and merging to form a new stronger organization.  That organization is now a reality: Hope Cancer Resources.  Separately, both organizations have a long history of high quality, compassionate programs serving cancer patients and the community of Northwest Arkansas.  Together, these programs and services will be more effective and efficient and will touch even more lives.
Hope Cancer Resources employs a highly-professional staff which includes a team of licensed oncology social workers, a registered nurse, a certified patient navigator, a Spanish interpreter, a certified health education specialist and a certified tumor registrar.

In addition to the services offered to cancer patients and their caregivers, Hope Cancer Resources impacts the community by providing free cancer screenings and cancer prevention education for public schools, employers and the general public.  This education includes instruction on breast self-examination, counseling for smoking cessation and reducing tobacco use, promoting healthy lifestyles and other ways to reduce risk of cancer.  Hope Cancer Resources also maintains the NWA Cancer Registry, which is the largest regional cancer registry in the state, tracking cancer diagnoses in our area.


Patient Support Services: Financial, prescription and emergency assistance. Also, emotional assistance, Spanish interpretation, tobacco cessation, and transportation.

Cancer Prevention and Education: Educational programs and early detection opportunities are key services we provide as we week to promote the overall health and well-being of the residents of NWA. Hope Cancer Resources provides programs to increase awareness of high-risk behaviors, early warning signs, symptoms, available treatments and support services.

Cancer Resources: We provide local and national links and contacts on our website in an attempt to make access to information as convenient as possible. We do not verify all information for accuracy and are not responsible for the content or information provided by any of the organizations or hospitals listed there.

Support Groups: Having the support of others while going through cancer treatment can be an important part of the overall process for patients and caregivers. Participating in a group with people who are undergoing a similar situation can make a significant contribution in restoring a sense of well-being. Our patient support service staff are involved in several support groups. For a list of support group in NWA please visit their website. For a complete listing or for other resources, please call 479-361-5847.

Special Events

Volunteer Opportunities:  There are various positions for volunteers to fill:

- “Been There” Volunteers
- Clinic Volunteers
- Special Event Committees
- Professional “Pro Bono” Services
- Administrative & Outreach Volunteers
- Episodic or One Time Volunteers
- Third-Party Fundraising Volunteers
For more information on these positions, please see the website.