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The Manna Center

Locations: 670 Heritage Court, Siloam Springs, Ar
Phone: 479-524-9825

Mission:  To share with all persons in need.  Our purpose is to be a central cooperative agency in representing the churches of Siloam Springs in providing services and resources for those in need.

About:  The Manna Center was founded in 1993 as a non-profit corporation by Siloam Springs churches who wanted to coordinate their efforts and improve assistance to those in need.

Programs:  We assist clients within a 15-mile Radius of the Manna Center.  Each client is interviewed and a needs assessment is conducted before any assistance is provided.

Food – Monday thru Friday our food pantry is stocked through a combination of food donations (corporate, organizational food drives, churches, private individuals, and local purchases).  Clients are issued a nutritionally balanced quantity of food designed to sustain them for a 6-7 day period.  Food quantity is dependent upon the client’s household size.

Clothing/Thrift Store – Each piece of donated clothing is sorted and washed before it is either given free to clients as part of our assistance package or sold to the general public.  Clients are eligible to receive clothing for each household member based on individual needs.  Proceeds from clothing sales are used for purchases and other general operating expenses. We encourage you to visit and see for yourself how we operate and where you can apply your skills!

Referral Services- During the client interview process, advisors identify the issues and challenges that have brought them to the center. In cooperation with governmental and non-governmental agencies in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma, clients are given information and/or applications about agencies that can address their specific needs.

Volunteer Opportunities:  Volunteers are always needed and welcomed at the Manna Center.

Our individual volunteers are the heart of The Manna Center, and allow our financial resources to go directly to assisting clients.  A wide variety of tasks and skills are needed, something to fit nearly everyone.  We encourage you to visit and see for yourself how we operate and where you can apply your skills.

Monetary donations are critical to keeping The Manna Center services available to those in need. Food donations of canned goods and non-perishable items greatly supplement the food pantry inventory. Clothing donations of apparel for all ages is needed, prefer them to be clean and in good condition.  Personal Hygiene donations, such as toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.