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New Heights 4 Kids

Locations: 12706 CP Rakes, Bentonville 72712
Phone: 479-795-0499

Mission: New Heights Christian School is providing children with the opportunity and tools to achieve their God-given potential in a safe environment of loving acceptance.

Vision: The vision of New Heights Christian School is to help students establish and develop an intimate relationship with God, restoring the joy in life that comes from the knowledge that they are valuable in His eyes. To this end, NHCS provides intensive discipleship training, Christian education and personal mentoring in a safe, God-centered environment for boys and girls whose spiritual, social and/or educational needs are not being met in the public school system. We believe that an atmosphere of loving acceptance and high expectations will help lead our students to a deeper understanding of God and His will for their lives, and release them through their freedom in Christ to become godly men and women He created them to be.

About: New Heights Christian School began in 1999 to meet the needs of children who were not succeeding in public school. Social pressures, especially for students in their early teen years, can be devastating to some young people. In the eleven years NCHS has been in operation, we have met the needs of young people who were dealing with problems due to poverty in the home, mixed-race heritage, physical problems such as obesity, educational difficulties, and psychological challenges such as extreme shyness and mild autism. Reaction to these problems was resulting in unacceptable levels of absenteeism, emotional withdrawal, sexual acting-out, physical illness and academic failure. We also have had some students who were looking for a school where their Christian values would not only be accepted but reinforced.

NCHS addresses these needs through three basic values. These are the value of the individual, the value of the community and the value of a Godly heart. The development and teaching of these values drives every policy and practice of NHCS.
The school is small, with a potential student population of 23 students and six teachers or supervisors. Supervisors develop a personal, mentoring relationship with each student with an emphasis on building trust and acceptance. Curriculum is highly individualized. We are dedicated to teaching a full academic program while also providing for special emotional and social needs in our students. Every student is encouraged to set goals and take responsibility for their own educational development.
The other advantage of a small student body is that social exchanges can be closely mentored to protect each student. This results in a safe, non-threatening environment that relieves the students from anxiety and teaches them to be accepting of differences in their community. A casual but uniform school dress code reduces the stigma of poverty in the minds of many students. The lack of emphasis on boy/girl relationships can be very relaxing to many young teens. NHCS deliberately and actively teaches social behaviors such as good manners, respect for authority, concern for the needs of others, protecting the weaker members of the community and taking responsibility for your actions.

As a Christian school, NHCS views the spiritual growth of our students as ultimately important. Teaching the value of a heart for God takes precedence over all other goals. We believe that leading students to develop their God-given potential as a response to His call is the most significant contribution we can make in the lives of our students and their families. There is an emphasis on contribution we can make in the lives of our students and their families. There is an emphasis on teaching scriptural principles in all academic subjects. Weekly chapels, Bible classes, teaching Christian character development and Bible memorization are employed as means to this end.

Because of a commitment of staying small enough to meet the special needs presented of our student body, NCHS has an acceptance policy on the needs of the applying student on our perception of the student’s ability to fit in with the rest of the student body. We have never based acceptance on the financial resources of the applicant’s family, academic ability, race, religion or ethnic heritage. We ask every applicant to be willing to cooperate with us and God in the process of growth and change.

Services: New Heights 4 Kids is a non-residential school and activity center for at-risk needs students grades 1-12. In addition to offering a solid, individualized academic curriculum, there are a variety of other activities such as animal care, gardening, photography, and community service.

Volunteer Opportunities: To find out a way to help or donate, contact Susan at 479-366-0260 Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 3:00pm or