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NWA Momentum Ministries

Phone: 479-899-1875

Mission:  NWA Momentum Ministries is all about living our calling to influence and mentor youth and young people in the NWA area with a message of hope.

Vision: Our founders, Phil and Elizabeth Bramel, have sought the vision to bring a Christ-centered, relationship-focused gospel to the next generation. Service, missions and the arts are also featured in Momentum.

About: Momentum is a ministry dedicated to equipping tomorrow’s leaders today.  Through mentorship, discipleship and service, young men and women grades 5th through college can experience radical lives for Christ.  Today’s students seek to experience their faith “hands-on” by living out loud, with purpose, meaning and direction.

Services: Momentum offers several unique ministry opportunities designed for a new generation.

Selah: Selah worship nights are great opportunities to meet other Christ Followers in the NWA Area. We meet every Sunday night at 6pm to 7:30 pm.

Things Above: Things Above is discipleship for a new generation.  It is a relevant, applicable Bible study for every stage of a young woman’s life, particularly 5th-12th grade.  Reaching into the areas where we need it most – time management, priority setting, self-worth, purity, building healthy relationships, body image, character, attitude, speech, wisdom and forgiveness.  Every girl will be mentored by a student leader of her choosing, including fellowships, encouragement, lots of conversations and prayer.  Things Above is about teaching girls principles of leadership, using their God-given spiritual gifts and building on those throughout youth for incredible things in the Kingdom of God!

Things Ahead:  Things Ahead is a ministry that serves the needs of young women who want encouragement and to be equipped for relationships, college, work, marriage and family life.  Bring a Bible, a blank journal to write in and a friend!
Worldview:  Worldview is a community-based discussion group.  Worldview content is designed to challenge and equip high school and college students, young adults and parents to think and consider their beliefs and ask questions needed for life choices.  From science, history, current events, trends, and customs… anything goes. Engage in lively discussions, creative hands-on learning and team building as you consider the world you live in. Worldview is also an experience as we travel to Washington D.C and meet politicians and understand our nation’s true heritage.

Community  Hope Service: Some of our local projects, called Community Hope, have included helping with Horses for Healing, serving dinner to the homeless at Salvation Army, clothing at the NWA Women’s shelter, supporting single moms at Havenwood and others. Things Above is beginning to impact their world through global missions, from raising support for missions in Tanzania, providing art supplies to children in Bagamoa to making dresses for orphans in Haiti and Africa.