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Pathway to Freedom, Inc.

Locations: P.O. Box 1010, Wrightsville, AR
Phone: 501-897-0764

Mission:  Transforming the lives of prisoners and ex-prisoners with a goal of successful reentry.

About:  PTF’s unique plan of restoration and progressive programming begins 18-24 months before an inmate is released. The program continues for additional 12 months of mentoring and support once the inmate has returned to the community. PTF works with local churches, trained volunteers, and other service providers to support PTF members through mentoring, housing, employment, and other services to ensure a successful transition back into the community.  PTF stresses personal responsibility, the value of education and work, care of persons and property, and the opportunity for a new life.  The goal is to improve pro-social and life skills that will enhance family and social relationships, moral and spirit development.

Programs:  Pathway to Freedom consists of three phases:
Phase One - Focuses on the prisoner’s personal values and though processes and encourages the development of spiritual and moral filters. A heavy emphasis is put on education, work, and support that helps create a new foundation for productive growth.

Phase Two - Tests the inmate’s values system in real-life settings and prepares him for a life after prison. Inmates spend much of the day in on-site prison work programs or involved in the re-entry portion of the PTF curriculum.

Re-Entry Support Phase - Pathway to Freedom members are released into the community and receive 12 additional months of support trough local churches and trained volunteers. Support received consists of mentoring, housing, employment, and other service to ensure a successful transition back into the community.

Volunteer Opportunities:  In-prison volunteers and re-entry volunteers needed for this program.

For in-prison volunteers : Christian men or couples who are interested in serving must complete and submit the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) and Pathway to Freedom application forms, pass the criminal background check and drug screening, and complete both the ADC and PTF training sessions.

Small Group Facilitator - A small group facilitator guides the discussion of a group of men using curriculum prescribed by PTF.
Mentor - An in-prison mentor may be matched with a member or small group of members approximately 6 months prior to the scheduled release date and is asked to commit to one two- hour meeting each week. For re-entry volunteers, it is crucial that each member have a support system in place when he is released. This system should include a re-entry staff person, mentor, a church and/or another pro-social group, and community service providers.

Mentor - A re-entry mentor is one who will spend time with the member to assist him in his reintegration process upon release from prison. He will assist the member in setting realistic goals and taking measurable steps to meet these goals. A re-entry mentor may bring the member into his church family, bible study group, and /or men’s ministry program or other pro-social setting. A mentor will be asked to commit to meet with the inmate once a week for a period of 6-12 months.

Churches and/or Community Service Providers - All of Pathway to Freedom’s volunteers/mentors come from local churches. Church members may be employers who could hire the PTF member, landlords who could rent a place to live, or financial/budgeting experts who could teach the member who to set up a bank account and manage income.  Community Service Providers also play a vital role and may include transitional living, substance abuse treatment, or other services that may help the member navigate through all of the necessary processes that will lead to reintegration and restoration of family relationships.

Businesses/Employers - Becoming employed is key to a member’s success. That is why PTF seeks to build partnerships with business owners throughout Arkansas. We are working with a local employer to employer to develop a class for PTF members why they are still in prison to teach them what an employer expects and what they can expect as an employee. PTF will work with you to help you find the best employees.