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Potter's House

Locations: 2703 N Drake St, Fayetteville, AR
Phone: 479-527-6424

Mission:  Potter’s House is committed to providing families in Fayetteville with a hope and a future through relationship building, activities and programs.

Potter’s House believes firmly that our hope is in Jesus. Jesus is our hope for salvation, reconciliation to God, and reconciliation to our world here. We believe that Jesus has laid out a path of life for us that leads to peace with others, impact on our community and peace with our God. Potter’s House is committed to working toward a fulfilling future for our families.

About:  Potter’s House began 14 years ago when Shawn Schwartzman met a few families in South Fayetteville and started to spend time with their children.  They began to read the Bible, talk about Jesus, and hang out together.  Over time more children and students joined them and more adults came who wanted to be involved.
Many of these same families are involved in Potter’s House today.  Now there are 27 small groups, 45 leaders, and 120 students involved in Potter’s House.

Services:  Potter’s House offers a variety of services to help accomplish their mission.

Academy - Tutoring for over 14 years, Potter’s House has sought to provide a hope and a future to at-risk youth in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Now with The Academy we are trying to change the culture of education that surrounds at-risk youth in the Fayetteville area.  Here at The Academy, we believe that education is the most effective way to provide opportunities and a brighter future for at-risk youth.

Small Groups - Potter’s House facilitates small groups for Adults, Students (6th-12th grade) and Children (K-5th grade) to meet in different homes and go through Bible Studies, learning more about Jesus.

Events - Throughout the year they have a variety of programs such as a Summer Program called Set Apart, Retreats, Missions work and more.

Volunteer Opportunities:  There are many different ways to serve at Potter’s House.  On Sundays (3 times a month) they need drivers, check-in crew members, small group leaders, hosts, snack providers, and preschool leaders.  Throughout the week they need people willing to do administrative work, mentor or work on the website.  On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays they need drivers for tutoring and meal providers.  They are also seeking qualified tutors in a wide range of academic disciplines such as Algebra I & II, Reading Comprehension, ACT Prep, Geometry, Chemistry, English Literature and Grammar.  If you’re interested in volunteering with Potter’s House, be sure to contact them by phone or through their website!