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Pure Charity

Phone: 855-855-9594

Mission: Pure Charity is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization where individuals, businesses and charities come together to actively fund projects from non-profit organizations in six categories: health, opportunity/education, water, disaster relief, freedom and food.

About: When people sign up for Pure Charity, they are able to contribute to non-profit projects in several specific ways. They can place money in their own account, receive a charitable deduction, and then decide over time which projects to fund. Or, they can shop at over 1,000 online partner merchants (including top brands like Walmart, Gap, Target, Pottery Barn and Apple) and a portion of each purchase will be credited to their giving fund to give toward the project of their choosing.

Services: Pure Charity offers two primary services free of charge:

- We offer a community-based platform where highly respected 501c3 non-profit organizations can interact with the Pure Charity community to easily and quickly fund projects around the world.  These funds are donated by Pure Charity community members either directly through their Pure Charity Giving Fund or through the Pure Charity Rewards Network which lets members shop on-line and deposit a percentage of their purchases into their Giving Fund which in turn can be donated.

- We have a simple and effective personal fundraiser platform that allows Pure Charity community members to raise funds from their friends, family and network for adoptions, mission trips, giving-focused birthdays and other personal causes.

How to Get Involved: 

1 - Go to to check out how KLRC is teaming up with Pure Charity to support local non-profits here in Northwest Arkansas.
2 - Read about the incredible stories of the work non-profits are doing both locally and globally today.
3 - Simply click “Back this Fundraiser” to sign up and donate to the five projects listed in one easy step!
4 - You can choose to donate towards one project, or have your donation split evenly between all of them.
5 - Click “Follow” on the fundraiser, or each specific project, to get updates on the progress of each project, and cheer them on as the strive to reach their goals!