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Saving Grace

Locations: 1229 W Poplar St, Rogers
Phone: 479-636-1133

Mission: Saving Grace is a Christ-centered safe harbor offering acceptance, hope and restoration to young women of Northwest Arkansas, preparing them for inderdependent living.

About:  There is a silent epidemic in our nation: young men and women living under private or public programs reaching adulthood without the resources they need to succeed. They look like normal healthy adults, but at night you may find them sleeping in their car or on a friend’s couch.  Without adequate resources, high rates of crime, drug use, homelessness, suicide, and emotional trauma are often the result.  Where do they go for help? Who hears their crying when they are alone?

Saving Grace will help young women ages 17-24 unlock doors of opportunity, security and hope through education and supportive relationships. More importantly we will encourage them to deepen their faith, strengthen their resolve and learn to trust others, because they have learned trust a Savior. We hope to offer other communities inspiration to “repair the breach and restore the streets” across our great nation.

We now have space available for single moms who either have one small child or are expecting a child.  The space for this is limited.  We also serve single parents who need help with household items, food and clothing.
Acceptance, restoration and hope are often taken for granted, but for those living without – receiving them makes all the difference in the world.

Services: Providing an affordable and safe place to live, offering local growth opportunities, helping residents develop supportive relationships, equipping young women with life skills the need to excel, not just survive. Encouraging citizenship opportunities and community involvement, and instilling courage to reconcile with past trauma or hurt.

Volunteer Opportunities:  Saving Grace thrives on the work of volunteers.  There are opportunities to mentor, volunteer your time, donate, spread the word, provide needs on our needs list, and pray. For more information please visit our website.