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The Schmieding Center

Locations: 2422 N. Thompson, Suite B, Springdale, AR 72764
Phone: 479-750-1989

Mission: The Schmieding Center’s mission is to improve quality of life for adults in the second half of life with the provision of personalized programs of education, services, and healthcare for all stages of aging.

About:  Nationally recognized as a premier community-based center for healthy living in the second half of life, the Schmieding Center for Senior Health and Education was established on January 1, 1999, as the first center of excellence in geriatrics as part of the Arkansas Aging Initiative. Born out of benefactor Lawrence H. Schmieding’s inspired quest to enrich the lives of older adults through empowerment, understanding and quality home caregiver education, the Schmieding Center provides comprehensive, compassionate patient care with health-and-wellness emphasis. It also provides coordinated educational programs, consultations and resources that address physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle needs of 65+ adults to promote healthy aging experience. As well as passionate dedication to the continual improvement of expertise of geriatric healthcare professionals and students to meet the specific needs of adults in the second half of life.

Services:  The Schmieding Center offers a variety of services for older adults and their families.

This includes Aging Support through Schmieding C.A.R.E.S, Support Groups, and an Aging Resource Center. There are also learning opportunities through community programs, certified home caregiver training, continuing education, family caregiver workshops, and home caregiver training products. In addition there is healthcare for those 65 and older through clinical services, rehabilitation and memory evaluation.

Volunteer Opportunities: The Schmieding Center is always looking for dependable volunteers to help with programming, events and administrative tasks. Volunteers typically work two-hours shifts assisting in the Aging Resource Center, greeting people, helping at special events, preparing programming packets, organizing fundraising efforts and more. Common duties include making community presentations, teaching a class, data entry, filing, staffing community resource centers, distributing flyers, and finding and communicating information in response to incoming inquiries.

For more information, please visit the website.