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Teen Action and Support Center

Locations: 2525 W. New Hope Rd., Rogers 1207 W. Poplar, Rogers
Phone: 479-636-8272

Mission:  Our mission is to encourage youth ages 13-19 to realize their full potential by providing free support services that promote the development of responsible and productive members of the community.  

Vision:  TASC is a safe and inviting place where youth, parents, community members and staff work together to develop practical and emotional supports and opportunities designed to encourage, empower and connect teens and their families.  We seek to encourage teens to reach their personal, educational, relational and professional goals through service learning experiences.  We want to empower teens to take control of their futures through counseling and mentoring opportunities and connect them to opportunities and resources they need within their communities.

About:  The story of the Teen Action and Support Center has been one of growth and development over the past six years.  It all started in the fall of 2004 as a group of community members got together to discuss the growing need for support services for teens in Northwest Arkansas.  After researching the area’s current resources, the focus group determined that it was necessary to create a new organization that would provide an array of free services just for teens.  This group, along with a youth-led advisory team, felt that a positive empowering approach to services would be essential in helping young people in the community to become successful adults.

The Teen Action and Support Center became a non-profit agency in April of 2005 and, thanks to many volunteer hours, opened its doors on New Hope Road in October that same year. Upon the initial open, TASC launched In Service, a program for students who wanted to participate in meaningful service to the community.  The groundwork was also laid for Counseling Services for families with teenagers who were experiencing challenges that required crisis intervention or therapeutic care.  Mary’s Closet was then added to the program list as a means for teens in need due to financial strain.  Although it was a program idea from the start, First Steps has recently been fully developed to serve teens who are pregnant or currently parenting with physical and educational resources.

In 2010, the Teen Action and Support Center found itself in the market for a new space.  With the help of numerous volunteers and corporate teams, TASC’s second site opened on Poplar Street to be the primary counseling location as well as the site of First Steps.

Services:  We have four primary programs going on ALL the time here at TASC; four programs that we believe hit target areas for teens and their families.  All are for teens between the ages of 13 and 19.

In Service - Connecting teens to volunteer opportunities in the community.  In Service functions as a primary point of contact for youth who desire to participate in service projects for the community alongside caring adult leaders.  Our goal is to assist teens in order to fulfill obligations for college scholarships, court ordered service, and serve that allows for the reduction of court fines. We strive to participate in meaningful service projects that assist other organizations and individuals in the community.  This program promotes an individual sense of accomplishment as well as community pride.

First Steps -  Providing one-on-one education and resources to pregnant and parenting teens.  First Steps seeks to equip teens who are pregnant or parenting with the resources and education they need to meet their goals as both parents and young adults.  This program provides young parents with diapers, wipes and other necessities on a weekly basis.  One-on-one educational conversations equip new mothers and fathers for the experiences that lie ahead.

Mary’s Closet -  Providing assistance for teens in need of physical resources.  Mary’s Closet assists teens who have difficulty obtaining physical resources and care due to inconsistent housing or extreme poverty. We offer individual support to teens that have a need for clothing, food or other personal items on a case-by-case basis.  Mary’s Closet empowers teens by acknowledging their specific needs and helping them to succeed in their future goals.

Counseling - Offering free, confidential counseling services for teens and their families.  Our Counseling Services provide a support for teens and their families who have been affected by challenge, loss or crisis.  Within a safe and supportive environment, we offer individual, group, and family counseling, specializing in the unique difficulties that youth and their families face.  The mission of our counseling services is to provide emotional care, answer questions, and offer support that assist teens and their families in the transition from youth to young adulthood.
For more information about our services please visit our website.

Volunteer Opportunities:  There are many opportunities for volunteering with the Teen Action and Support Center.  We have a list of available projects for you to get involved in that is continually updated on our website.  Give us a call today at 479-636-8272 or fill out your information online!